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Kevin Chalfant

The name Kevin Chalfant has been synonymous with melodic rock royalty for the past two decades and counting. From his early beginnings with Billboard charting sensations 707 to the 80s powerhouse group The Vu, the versatile vocalist has weaved a remarkably artistic web that eventually paved the way for superstardom with The Storm (including members of Journey and Santana), which became the first act in history signed to Interscope Records, known for the smash singles “I’ve Got a Lot To Learn About Love” and “Show Me the Way.”

Yet even amidst all those celebrated projects, Chalfant’s fan base has continuously requested one particular project time and time again. “Everywhere I go, people will tell me how much they enjoy The Storm’s music, but through that band’s legacy, they always want me to tackle Journey tunes just like we used to do on the road,” he says, citing The Storm’s line-up of Journey’s co-founding singer/keyboardist Gregg Rolie (also a Santana founder), co-founding bassist Ross Valory, veteran drummer Steve Smith, plus former Le Mans member Josh Ramos. “And during those initial tours behind the first two Storm CDs, we mixed up our hits with Journey and Santana tunes for literally hundreds of thousands of people. As the years have gone on, I’ve been incorporating them into my own tours, so between that and the fans’ never ending enthusiasm, the time to cut a record as a tribute to them finally made sense.”

By 1994, Journey had been on a nearly eight-year hiatus, and the late-70s lineup was poised to regroup, minus singer Steve Perry, who was in the midst of releasing a second solo album. Chalfant stepped in to tackle Perry's parts for a live performance in and the result proved to be a good fit. He was invited to formally join the band, and Chalfant began writing material with Rolie, Neal Schon, and Jonathan Cain in anticipation of a full album and tour. By 1995, however, Journey's stars had realigned yet again, and Steve Perry returned for a brief, Grammy-nominated reunion of their early-80s lineup instead. 

Kevin's newest CD with his band Two Fires, called “Burning Bright” is reminiscent of the legendary classic rock genre. The single, “All For One,” touted to be the next great patriotic hit! And, see Two Fires latest video “Is It Any Wonder?” on YouTube:


(CHICAGO- January 2007) Rock/Country producer and singer Kevin Chalfant will be honored with an Award of Honor for his extraordinary contribution to the entertainment industry!

The special recipients for Lifetime Awards are:

Gospel legend Delores Washington of the Caravans; Jazz icon Fred Anderson; historic black film maker Ronn Pitts; Veteran radio disc jockeys Richard Pegue, Dick Biondi and Clark Weber. Special recipients for Award of Honor are: Chicago Gospel Festival coordinator/radio host Pam Morris; Oprah Winfrey XM radio producer, writer and radio host Mark Ruffin; Rock/Country producer and singer Kevin Chalfant; Veteran radio jockey Robert (Bob) Stroud, and from the land of Ethiopia, veteran African/Reggae Entertainer Zeleke Gessesse, who in the last three years help to build several schools in Ethiopia for thousands of children.

Among the performers will be: Darius Brooks, Rachel Barton, Malik Yusef, Indika Reggae Band, Nythia Rivera, Guayacol y Ale Nova, Lil Mann, D. Lawrence and others will be announced later.

The ceremony hosted by NBC 5 TV LeeAnn Trotter and Bluesman Frank Pelligrino of Kingston Mines.

Kevin Chalfant's Journey Experience

Features Kevin Chalfant, and features all of the lights, sounds and Journey-esque atmosphere associated with what you expect from a show called the Journey Experience! This is not a cover band but a very talented singer who actually shared the stage with Journey, replacing Steve Perry for a time!


He performs all the hits that made Journey famous; one fabulous hit after another!


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